nano-Shield 1181AM

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BDT-1181AM Antimicrobial Textile Coating

nano-Shield 1181AM is a nano-ceramic Antimicrobial formulation that helps to lower the bio-burden of the applied area and continuously protects the treated surfaces from the colonization of microorganisms ie. virus, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus for as long as the coating remains intact.

nano-Shield 1181AM is formulated for woven cloth, textiles and other fibrous surfaces, as well as leather goods. Can be used to treat clothing, upholstery, bedding, linen, car interior, RV and boat interior, carpets in SFRs & apartments as well as other residential applications, school settings, playground equipment, athletic facilities. Healthcare admin offices, every phone, keyboard, handle, button, lever, screen or knob; virtually any type of facility, public and/or private. This is an amazingly versatile product for all things textile!

nano-Shield 1181AM creates a hydrophobic shield on the surface of each individual strand of fiber, which allows fabrics and fibrous materials to shed water while still allowing the fabric to breathe and flex without stiffness. Odor causing microbes of all kinds are simply neutralized and shed on contact. The treated fabric in clothes remains antimicrobial for up to 40 washes!

nano-Shield 1181AM helps to lubricate the fibers – reducing fiber wear and color fading during movement and general use. Adds life and longevity to the fabric, enhances the performance of the treated fabric and protects the original color’s long term integrity as well.

nano-Shield 1181AM can be customized with stronger antimicrobial additives as well as stronger disinfectant additives when treating such textiles as Personal Protective Equipment, porous and non-porous medical gowns, protective headgear, athletic support shoes, half mask respirators, full face breathing apparatus, goggles, spectacles, face shields, hearing protectors and earmuffs. Rinse all equipment that comes in prolonged contact with skin before reuse with clean warm water (about 120°F) and allow to air dry.

  • EPA Reg. No. 83019-1
  • EPA Est. 96461-GA-1


  • Apply by trigger spray or similar low-pressure sprayer, wetting the surface and allow drying.
  • Application of a second coat and/or third coat is recommended for heavier weave articles or just to give the article’s surface more coverage and better, longer performance.
  • Allow 15-30 minutes, minimum, between 2nd, 3rd, 4thcoats etc.
  • The ambient temperature above 75* and good air circulation at site of application will insure a faster, more thorough initial dry time and cure period.


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