nano-Guard 42AM

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BDT-42AM Antimicrobial Nano-Ceramic Clear Coat

nano-Guard 42AM is an Antimicrobial formulation that helps to lower the bio burden and continuously protect treated surfaces from the colonization of microorganisms ie, virus, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus for as long as the coating remains intact.

nano-Guard 42AM is a high performance, specially synthesized polysilazane polymer coating that ambient cures and develops a covalent bond with the substrate it is applied to, bonding the antimicrobial coating and the substrate on a molecular level.

nano-Guard 42AM is an extremely hydrophobic coating with super slick properties that greatly reduce the ability of dirt and debris to bond to applied surfaces due to the radical reduction in the coefficient of friction.

nano-Guard 42AM is used as a single or multicoated application, depending on the volume of contact a treated surface will be subjected to and may be applied as often as desired. Our coatings contain a uv/black light tracer that provides an effective means of physical inspection. Applicators and consumers can easily verify that all intended surfaces were initially coated or, upon periodic inspection, have remained intact and still offering the intended antimicrobial protection.

nano-Guard 42AM is an incredibly durable, scratch resistant, extremely water repellent, clear finish formulated for surfaces such as plastics, polished metal alloys, painted surfaces, powder coated or Gel-coated® surfaces and it protects those treated surfaces from UV damage, fading and other environmental corrosion from standard protocol disinfectants.

nano-Guard 42AM is also available with “nano-Grip”, and though smooth in texture, will offer a more slip resistant grip in wet conditions. nano-Guard 42AM  has an excellent UV inhibitor and is standard protocol cleaner resistance.

  • EPA Reg. No. 83019-1
  • EPA Est. No. 96461-GA-1


  • Simple wipe-on using a soft product wetted cloth, foam roller or trigger sprayer with adjustable fine atomizing spray nozzle
  • Follow application by a light pressure wipe to leave a uniform thin coating on the surface.
  • Allow to dry


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