nano-Grip 1128AM

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BDT–1128AM Extreme Grip, Antimicrobial Floor Sealer

nano-Grip 1128AM is an Antimicrobial formulation that helps to lower the bio-burden of the applied area and continuously protects treated surfaces from the colonization of microorganisms ie. virus, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus for as long as the coating remains intact on the treated surface.

nano-Grip 1128AM is a single component solution that ambient cures and has extreme hydrophobic properties. This product creates a hydrophobic barrier on ceramic, floor & wall tiles of any type and texture, grout, wood of very dense to very porous grain variety, stone of every texture & grain, concrete and practically any other combination of modern flooring material combinations that can be put together.

nano-Grip 1128AM is an incredibly durable, scratch resistant, extremely water repellent, clear finish formulated for surfaces such as plastics, polished metals, metal alloys, painted surfaces, powder coated or Gel-coated® surfaces and it protects treated surfaces from UV damage, fading cracking, thermal breakdown and other environmental corrosion caused by residual cleaning from any typical house keeping plan using simple, standard protocol disinfectants.

  • EPA Est. No. 96461-GA-1
  • EPA Reg. No. 83019-1 


  • Only apply nano-Grip 1128AM to clean dry substrate
  • Only apply nano-Grip 1128AM to concrete that has aged 28 days and has fully completed an initial curing period for SFR Foundation .
  • Application by a short nap roller is suggested; allow the substrate to absorb the nano-Grip 1128AM coating, leaving a 1-to 2 mil coating of film to remain on the surface. In moderate temperature, as well as air flow, Dry to Touch time is approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour. Re-coat time is 1-2 hours. Dry to foot traffic in 24 hours.
  • Allow a minimum of 5 days for a complete cure and before any part of the treated surface can be submerged under water for an extended period of time.
  • Be sure to avoid ponding of the coating on the substrate surface, as this will negatively affect the products cure consistency and timing.
  • Do not apply if rain or wet weather is expected within 24 hours of actual application.
  • If applying this product in a confined area, provide adequate ventilation and avoid spark, flame or any other ignition source – as this product, when in its liquid state, is flammable.

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