• Only apply nano-Grip 1128AM to clean dry substrate
  • Only apply nano-Grip 1128AM to ‘newly poured’ concrete that has aged at least 28 days or, if calcium chloride or like accelerant for curing is used, upon approval of local, governing building authority’s onsite inspection as = Approved and/or Cured
  • Application by a short nap roller is suggested; allow the substrate to absorb the nano-Grip 1128AM coating, reapplying as needed in order to leave a 1-to 2 mil thick layer of the coating to remain on the target surface to cure
  • Be sure to avoid ponding of the coating on the substrate surface, as this could negatively effect the products’ properties
  • Do not apply if rain or wet weather is expected within 24 hours of
  • If applying this product in a confined area, provide adequate ventilation and avoid spark, flame or other ignition source – as this product, when in its liquid state, is flammable – Product is highly heat resistant, nontoxic and a completely benign substance when totally dry, cross-linked and cured. 

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