In the age of superbugs and pandemic shutdowns, even with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines and the practice of near perfect personal hygiene, there is still the very real danger of harmful microbial transfer from surface contact. Microbes of practically every type have the ability to survive and even replicate in favorable environments and conditions. This can be particularly dangerous in the event that harmful microbes with high contagion rates present within a population. High contagion rates, not just in high population centers but in communities of all sizes, spread rapidly not only by person to person contact but by surface contamination that is exacerbated when citizens of a community frequent highly trafficked locations during the course of a normal day, doing ordinary activities. So, the bank or ATM, the convenience store you stop at before work every day and maybe again on your way home, the daycare you pick the toddler up from or the restaurant counter you might order take-out from on your way home, all could be the source of harmful microbes and none have the residual disinfecting properties necessary to keep those surfaces safe to touch, time after time, between traditional deep cleanings.

The constant antimicrobial disinfectant cleaning that it would take to make all repetitively used devices and POS locations (retail checkout counters) CLEAN and free from harmful microbes 100% of the time would be almost unmanageable. Never-ending, continuous, perpetual and constant would be proper terms in describing how much work would be involved. There has been no reliable and effective method to protect newly cleaned surfaces beyond the very next contaminated human contact. Using conventional means, at very minimum, it will take more employees assigned to cleaning & housekeeping, much more diligent cleaning procedures and vastly more expensive cleaning products and there is still no “long term solution” for the need of antimicrobial disinfection. Basically, you, your family, your employees, clients and customers are only as safe as your last cleaning job was thorough.

The best of intentions and the most diligent of cleaning efforts won’t get 100% of the needed surfaces 100% of the time. The only way to guarantee 100% total coverage of a desired surface is to coat (and then redcoat depending on substrate type, product requirements) the surface with a long term, continuously acting, covalently bonded, anti-microbial disinfectant coating. imageAnti-microbial coating offers a new and effective way of keeping high touch areas in professional, work and in public settings germ free. BioBlock-360 and the rest of our nano-Ceramic line of anti-microbial/disinfectant coatings guarantee long term invisible protection and can be used in a multitude of areas, on virtually any type of substrate/surface.