• May be applied using a trigger sprayer or low pressurized backpack sprayer system. The nozzle should be adjusted to finely atomize the liquid to better penetrate soft surfaces such as carpet, drapery, etc. and on hard surfaces to achieve full and complete coverage. The goal when applying is to ONLY leave the surface “wet” to sight and touch, not flooded or running.
  • Wet completely, allow to 30-45 minutes to dry. 1 hour equivalent foot traffic.
  • May re-coat several times, allow 30 minutes minimum between coats. As coats progress, the time between application of additional coats may increase.
  • Applying additional coats before a prior application has had the opportunity to dry can cause haze or blush within the finish – that may not come out! This will never happen as long as the finish you’re spraying is dry to the touch.

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