biodefenseBioDefense Technologies offers very durable and incredibly effective anti-microbial & disinfectant coatings that solve the need for continuous deep cleaning and disinfecting. We’ve created invisible high performance polysilazane polymer coatings based on years of expertise in nanotechnology, as well as chemical and process engineering. By combining innovative, ground breaking new materials and processes with very well established foundational technologies, we’ve created truly Intelligent Hybrid Coatings that meet the specific needs of Americans in never more a serious time in history.

Anti-microbial coating offers a new and effective way of keeping high touch areas in professional, work and in public settings germ free. BioBlock-360 and the rest of our nano-Ceramic line of anti-microbial/disinfectant coatings guarantee long term invisible protection and can be used in a multitude of areas, on virtually any type of substrate/surface.

BioDefense Technologies has developed Intelligent Hybrid Coatings specifically for today’s ever growing need for long lasting sterilization, hygiene and cleanliness combined in a high performance, specially synthesized polysilazane polymer coating that ambient cures and develops a covalent bond with the substrate that it has been applied to. Simply put, our proprietary anti-microbial & disinfectant coatings bond with the surface they are applied to at a molecular level; it becomes a physical part of the substrate. The surface is then positively charged with the antimicrobial, as well as the disinfectant additive, suspended throughout the applied and cured coating. This Hybrid Coating Technology actively neutralizes harmful microbes on initial contact by simple ‘touch’, continuously killing microbes and sterilizing the treated, coated surface for as long as coating remains on the surface that it’s been applied to.

In summary, polysilazane polymer coatings can provide optimal protection for a multitude of surfaces. The unique Si–N backbone and side-chain chemistry enable a dynamic structure-performance relationship and many advantages, including strong and long-lasting protection against heat and abrasion, excellent easy-to-clean properties and corrosion resistance. It is a multi-functional binder and is the foundation of our Intelligent Hybrids & Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Hybrid Coatings.